Shipping & Returns

We only ship to your confirmed address (the address in the file with your credit card company, if you need to be shipped to another address, please call your credit card company and add the alternative delivery address to your ACCT)

We will provide you with fast shipping via USPS. Customers responsible for tracking their goods. If you do not seven working days of receipt of your package, please contact us. We will help you check the status. not responsible for automatically package returned, if the USPS package failed to provide a wrong address or because the consignee is unavailable.

We provide 100% of all the shoes on our website refund guarantee authenticity. Please understand that shoes are shipped directly from third-party repositories. We make every effort to only approved and authorized warehouse work, but if you receive the shoes in case you think that is not necessarily true, we just ask you to return them to us for a full refund.

After receiving payment, they are 24-72 hours of processing time. After the payment process, you will have in 5-7 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) your product. Most customers with order processing and received one week. Some orders may take longer, due to circumstances beyond its control. In rare cases, they may be customs fees, the buyer is responsible for all of these costs. In rare cases, some products may be seized by customs, we never had this situation, but in rare cases, there may be. not bear any tax or seized by customs. But if the shoe were seized customs, we will not charge extra fee to replace the shoes. So, you're safe.


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When it comes to your training, the right shoes make a all the difference. The latest athletic footwear helps elevate your game.

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